Jefferson Island Storage & Hub Operations

About: Jefferson Island Storage & Hub (JISH or Jefferson Island), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southern Company Gas, through support and management provided by Pivotal Energy Development,  owns and operates a salt dome natural gas storage and hub facility located in Erath, LA.

JISH consists of two salt dome storage caverns with approximately 6.0 million Dth of working gas capacity, 720,000 Dth/day withdrawal capacity and 360,000 Dth/day injection capacity.

Convenience: JISH, an intrastate facility with Section 311 authority to provide interstate transportation, provides storage and hub services through direct connection to the Henry Hub via Sabine Pipeline, and eight other major pipelines: Texas Gas Transmission; Columbia Gulf Transmission; Sea Robin Pipeline; Tennessee Gas Pipeline; Gulf South Pipeline; NGPL; Trunkline Gas Company, and CrossTex LIG. Its primary business is to serve natural gas storage markets and provide natural gas supplies to meet the needs of customers in Louisiana, much of the Gulf Coast, Southeast and areas of the Midwest and Northeast.

Services: JISH can provide various services under intrastate and interstate jurisdictional operating statements on behalf of shippers. Depending on its customer requirements, JISH may also provide the following services:

  • Firm and Interruptible storage services
  • Wheel customers’ gas along the JISH pipeline infrastructure
  • Provide injection, withdraw, park and loan, and dome swap services to our customers

In addition to its proximity to the Henry Hub, JISH’s high-deliverability and capacity for multiple cycles per year make the facility a valuable resource in the nation’s natural gas supply network. Additionally, JISH helps mitigate peak demand and price volatility in regional and national natural gas markets.