Customer Information

For information about Firm Storage Services:
John Fortman
Director, Commercial Services
630.245.7845 office
630.399.1022 cell 

For information about Daily Activities:
Jefferson Island Storage & Hub
Tuan Pham
Senior Commercial Analyst
713.300.5122 office
832.459.3341 cell

For information about Scheduling:
Darryl Kilpatrick 
Senior Analyst, Scheduling
630.245.7847 office
630.303.1357 cell



JISH Interconnect Total Nominal Meter Capacity Meter Functionality
Crosstex (LIG), South Zone
200,000 Dth/d Bi-directional
Texas Gas, Zone SL
280,000 Dth/d Bi-directional
Columbia Gulf, Onshore
259,000 Dth/d Bi-directional
Tennessee, Zone L 800 Leg
244,000 Dth/d Bi-directional
Sea Robin
200,000 Dth/d Receipt Only
Gulf South, Z2 Area
296,000 Dth/d Bi-directional
NGPL, LA 250,000 Dth/d Bi-directional
Trunkline, ELA 250,000 Dth/d Bi-directional
Henry Hub (Sabine) 450,000 Dth/d Bi-directional

JISH Facility Configuration
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Statement of Operating Terms and Conditions
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Form Agreements
NGPA Section 311 Firm Storage Service (PDF)
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